09 August 2007

Embracing A New Era

D. Doc DerryGreetings my dear cousins, and welcome to the Derrys In America Blog. After years of hosting the Derry web site on my old domain, the time has come to make a change. It has been a difficult year, and I am embracing a new era for our web site. In an effort to preserve our heritage and legacy for the ages, I gladly undertake this endeavour. Bear with me as I set up our new home for the Derrys In America web site, as there is a tremendous amount of code (HTML) to write and edit.

Along with our new home, I have also created this blog site. From time to time, I will be posting Derry news and other new "stuff" on our blog. You may, if you wish, post comments to any of the blogs I post. Just click on the "Comment" link below. I always enjoy hearing from all of you.

"I am profoundly humbled by the courage of those who came before us. We are that posterity the preamble of our Constitution spoke of... We are the flesh of their flesh, and I am proud to be their son."

D. Doc Derry

P.S. - If you haven't already signed our new guestbook/map, please do.

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